A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.
— Roy H. Williams

Welcome to Standard Gentlemen

Standard Gentlemen was created with the goal of assisting men in their evolution through manhood and fatherhood, to finding and pursuing their purpose in life, and furthering their overall mental, emotional, and physical well being. We seek to assist those experiencing difficulties in life or searching for their purpose by addressing these issues through writing, consulting, public speaking, and education that focuses on personal finance, fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle.

Although the primary focus is on men's development, we recognize that a considerable amount of content that is and will be provided here will apply to women as well. Everyone is welcome here at Standard Gentlemen.

While the framework and design for this site and our online store has been developed, the full content for each page will be added over the coming weeks and will be continuously evolving.  We appreciate your patience and look forward to engaging with you as we progress through this journey together. 

Standard Gentlemen Store

Our online store is here to provide support for Standard Gentlemen's overall mission to assist those seeking guidance and support. What started with a few branded t-shirts, has expanded to a line of men's beard products. This originated from our founder's displeasure for shaving and a need to maintain a thick beard. So he created a few products for himself and friends. He saw the opportunity to use these products to help men in another way that also contributes to our overall mission. Be on the lookout for new products and apparel as this area will continue to grow and develop. 


Personal Development

We can trace much of the stress we experience in life to our financial stability, physical fitness, and our diets.  When we are able to develop consistency in these areas, our overall lifestyle improves along with our health and well being.

We often spend so much of our time in the rat race of life that we fail to take care of ourselves or those that depend on us. The stress that creates is your body's way of telling you that something needs to change. Take control of who you are and who you want to be. When you take care of yourself, it spreads to those around you. 


Personal Finance

There is no denying that our financial situation plays a considerable role in our day to day activities and affects how we address our fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. Understanding how to properly budget and plan our monthly expenses as well as long-term needs or goals is essential to creating financial stability and reducing anxiety over the future or unplanned changes life throws at us. The goal is not to develop a financial plan for you. It is to provide you with the knowledge you need to be able to develop your own financial goals and plan for them.

Standard Gentlemen's founder, Trae McAbee, became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 2002 and worked in public accounting for five years. That was followed by 10 years as a financial crimes investigator with the U.S. Secret Service. Throughout this time he has maintained his CPA certification and continued to educate himself regarding risk management, fraud protection, and financial planning. 



Maintaining an adequate level of physical fitness is something we all tend to struggle with from time to time. When life gets hectic or overwhelming, gym or physical activity time is often the first thing that disappears. During a state of lost physical fitness, we may develop muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, or a lack of core and joint stability. This can greatly affect how our bodies move and can lead to injury. 

This doesn't mean you have to be lifting weights or running on a treadmill every day. This is about understanding your body and staying active in a way that benefits it. The goal is to help you determine what works best for your needs. We also want to help you understand the difference between working out and training. People often workout and do the same exercises over and over with little change while neglecting other muscle groups altogether. When training, you have a short-term or long-term plan that focuses on developing overall muscle balance and stabilization, strength, and power. You set goals and assess your progress throughout the duration of the plan.

Standard Gentlemen's founder, Trae McAbee, became a NASM Personal Trainer in 2016. He then obtained specializations in Youth Exercise and Corrective Exercise Training. He previously trained as a rescue swimmer for the U.S. Secret Service, coached Special Olympics, and participated in cross-country bicycling events. Staying active is a lifelong priority.



Eating healthy is often a difficult task. Even for individuals dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous factors that affect what we choose to eat. We are often influenced more by our senses of taste, texture, and smell than we are nutritional value. We cope with anxiety or stress by eating or not eating. We reward ourselves with food in celebration. We eat or avoid certain foods because we were denied them at a young age or we were taught that they were either good or bad.

The goal here is to provide straightforward information about nutrition and how it affects our bodies and overall well being. We don't consider any foods to be either good or bad. Although, many foods can be bad for you if consumed in excessive amounts. They all have certain nutritional values and can be included in any diet. We seek to help you understand more about the foods you eat and develop better habits. We want you to develop a diet is consistent and maintainable for the long-term.

Standard Gentlemen's founder, Trae McAbee, has been studying nutrition for several years and is currently working on a fitness nutrition specialization. 



Let's get to the heart of the matter. What drives you as a man? What is your passion...your purpose? A man without a purpose is left wondering about day to day with no direction in life. We all have a gift to contribute to this world. If you don't know what that is, try different things until you find something that peaks your interest. 

Regardless of your path in life, you are going to encounter obstacles along the way. You will make mistakes, and that's okay. They teach important life lessons. Here we will delve into the heart of a man. Why we do the things we do. What influences the decisions we make and the emotions we sometimes can't control. Why we often idolize the wrong things. How we often fail to take the lead in dating and relationships and expose our insecurities. Let's not forget that whatever we are as men is being passed down to the next generation. Is that a good thing? Would you want your daughter to date a man like you? Would you want your son to be just like you? Remember that you set the bar for them. Together, we can help each other evolve as men and model the gentlemen we need for the generations that follow our lead.


Standard Gentlemen Articles

Standard Gentlemen will soon be addressing various topics related to men's health and lifestyle in an effort to improve the lives of those willing to engage in the process of continuously refining who they are and the direction they are traveling.


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